How to protect yourself from the ransomware attach

New ransomware called Bad Rabbit is taking over computers across Europe and is spreading fast. Bad Rabbit is locking users out of their machines and demanding money from them. It is currently unclear if infected computers can be fully restored, but there are ways to protect yourself form the cyber attack.

The Bad Rabbit ransomware tricks people into infecting themselves, by disguising the malware as an Adobe Flash installer and planting it on legitimate websites that have been compromised. According to Kaspersky Lab, all of these are news or media sites. Unsuspecting targets are downloading and installing the malicious software, which proceeds to encrypt all of their files, making them impossible to access. 

Adobe Flash Player has long been a favorite of cyber criminals, who either keep finding security holes in the software, which they can use to attack users, or disguise malware as the Flash Player installer.

Adobe Flash Player is being killed off in 2020, but users can protect themselves by disabling it altogether and ignoring installer prompts.

PC-Tech have implemented stringent measures on the network to protect the end-users from infections by viruses, malware or ransomware, however, criminals are continually creating new versions of these malicious pieces of software, requiring end-users to not be complacent and to also be wary of the various forms of malicious software that are out there and to take preventative measures themselves to protect themselves.

1. Do not install Adobe Flash Player from any web site. If you have software that requires Adobe Flash Player, log an incident with PC-Tech and a technician will install the correct version.
2. If you receive a mail from a person that you do not know, delete the mail. DO NOT OPEN IT!
3. Do not browse strange web sites, or download from torrent sites, invariably these sites are loaded with viruses and various forms of malware and adware.
4. If you are not certain about a file or a mail log an incident with PC-Tech and a technician will assist you.

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